vinyl banner film tape paper roll slitter slitting machine


This is a full-featured model and the machine offers a competitive slitting solution. The new design uses a double support shaft instead of an internal fixation system, which makes it possible to cut without width restrictions.

Additional information

Cutting Width


Gross Weight


Net Weight


Packing Size

3100*675*450mm + 840*340*430mm



Max Diameter



12 months

Working Voltage




* Banner/flex/mesh/tarpaulin/wallpaper/stretch ceilings

* Reflective/sheeting/self-adhesive vinyl

* Foam adhesive tape/double-sides adhesive tape/application tape


* 12 months warranty on parts when used correctly (from factory time, excluding expendable blades)

* Material layering design makes it easier to load material (especially for heavy rolls).

* The blade is equipped with motor for more power * Easy control by foot switch when cutting

* Equipped with gear blade for PVC material * Suitable for a wide range of diameter cores, regardless of length

* Double support shaft rotation, greatly reducing the cost of the machine

* The position of the blade can be set manually

* Smooth cutting edge with an accuracy of 3 mm or less

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